Batman Bane Mask

Batman Bane Mask with Voice Changer/Modulator
  • High level latex material and detachable voice changer
  • Batteries not included
  • Voice changer is attached to Bane mask

Voice Changing Bane Mask VS Normal Bane mask

1. It is made of high quality latex rubber. It includes detachable voice changer. To compare with normal mask, it is more vivid. Voice changer is not apart with mask. But if you need to take apart, it also can take apart. It is up to you!

2. If you want to join a cosplay party, voice changer/Modulator could help you to more lifelike to cosplay Bane. When you wear it, you will look and sound like Bane. It is the Upgrade edition of normal mask.

3. The Voice Changer/Modulator is made of high quality materials. To mode Bane’s voice, the Voice Changer/Modulator Bane mask with several air hole for breath. So you do not need to worry about breath when you are wearing mask!

4. Voice Changer/Modulator Bane mask also support hand wash.

5. Voice Changer/Modulator Bane mask has normal bane mask’s advantage, and also beyond normal mask.

Replica Bane Mask